Partially void, mostly stars

Could I be procrastinating more? I should not accept this challenge, I really should not. Student syndrome, begone!

In these last couple of months I managed to start reading again. Kinda had lost this ability for over a year. Some time ago, when I was still taking daily train back and forth for three hours a day, oh boy did I read. And then I moved and just stopped. Almost completely. I tried to justify it saying I was still moving stuff, then that library was not in order (I love putting things in boxes, tho I would not ever dare to say my room is tidy), then I could not find time or mood to read. But books are back in my life and it feels just so good.

And my Baisa, the most horrible among horrible creatures, the smelly teeth, the give-me-food-stupid-hooman, fur shedding disaster, lovely spawn of hell, the Fluff of all fluffs is back in town again. Her return was one of the most hilarious things that once again proved things happen for a reason and that some people are just not worth any of your efforts. I missed her, I did not miss her hair all over the place. I can’t effortlessly wear black, and she wakes me up on 6am on Sundays (6AM CAROL), but I love Baisa.

And I think I really am returning to my lizard mode again – the autumn is here, the woolen socks are already in use and boy do I want heating season to start. Roll up into a blanket and become a cinnamon bun with a cup of hot cacao and binge watch all the series.

My live is mostly stars, only partially void. I talked to someone recently, one of my favorite persons that makes me realize so many things. And turns out my life is actually very good. Yes, I suffer from cat violence, have people I don’t really want to see in my life, sometimes just wanna hide in the corner but that happens to everyone, doesn’t it. But I also have had all the chances (coincidences actually) – rather ok family, nice education (tho I should have taken more out of it), whole bunch of friends to do the best stuff, interesting and challenging job, warm and cozy home and I am still young. Things could not be better.

And I finally, after years, get to go to places I love. Apparently I own my life. That’s nice.

Probably it’s time to figure out what to do with these amazing days and nights, when it is mostly stars.




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