Urtentic goes English after holidays

Oh I have abandoned this blog again, as usual. I often remember it, tho. Like, I should tell this story about this and that, but then I’m “nah, would need to make my Lithuanian proper”. And then I just forget I thought about this. Because I somehow want to use fancy words in Lithuanian when I write. And in English I just write. And of course like every writing person I want readers. You know…


I saw a picture once on the net, it was in Turkish language tho, but the idea is valid still: “I express myself better in English ’cause I know fewer words in it”. I should be amazing at writing in Turkish, but I’m not. But I will keep posting Turkish songs, so you’re not saved from that.

So since the last time I wrote here (it was in the middle of May), I’ve been pretty busy.

I was planning my holidays, first proper holidays in years, when I do not have to worry about anything, or to move from one city to another with all my stuff – books, beads, pans and cups and all of that hell. When I can finally see all the things I’ve been craving to see for four of five years.

And then I set off for that trip, and as soon as I landed to my heaven, I forgot all of those carefully chosen plans and schedules and just went with the flow. Best decision ever.

That’s how heaven tastes like

I met with friends with whom we had adventures at police station in Kaunas, their amazingly warm family (I kept repeating I would explode from all their delicious food, they did not listen), we saw breathtaking panoramas, drove around town listening and singing along the most sincere and heartbreaking songs, and cried on the last day, tho we said we should not get emotional.20160607_211907


We talked about sea, about not getting old, saving the world, adventures while protecting the ideas we love and about future dreams. We talked about how our mistakes should always be beautiful. I have made so many beautiful mistakes. Never regretted them.

We just talked and made gorgeous girls in red dresses just leave the table, we made the other side of that same table feel awkward, but we were adorkable, yes we were, and you were not the RIGHT side of that table. We took a taxi and discussed Boba Fett, clones and aiming and made the driver feel like in New York. We actually wanted the same, but I made another mistake, because I’m a respectable lady. Yeah, this title just does not go with me, apparently .

And then I came back home. And spent the first evening at home looking at raining sky eating crackers with pepper paste. Thinking that the dream is over. But at least I was reminded what heaven tastes like, what it smells like and how much I love those people. And I was proven that destiny is actually a thing. Oh, we should have gotten that ordaining or how is it called, we should have. But we didn’t and now I have time to search for perfect bakery to make our cake.

yes, I know

And I started cooking again. You know, pancakes, soups, cakes, Ancient Gods…

Let’s talk about our Lord and Savior







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