Appreciating people or things about my best knight from overseas

So sometime ago one person told me I should stop apologizing for my failures and not being able to fall for good things. That I should start appreciating stuff and be grateful for people being able to see things in me. Things that I cannot see myself.
I should have done that sooner but he was not the one meant for that. Apparently I needed someone from another end of the world to teach me that.
So one day I went for a beer with a guy from tinder. Yeah I’m that desperate. People have needs, now get over that, shall we?
I knew he was from Australia, has a beard, telling from his fb feed he should be funny. Yes, I stalk people.

I went for those stouts with a little scepticism but oh boy was it worth!
And when I saw this guy with skinny jeans and cute ugly-sweater I thought it was gonna be fun. That was Jeremy.
We started with those neutral topics, then a little deeper and deeper. This simple, sincere, completely open to the world person started to unfold in front of me. I was so disappointed the night had to end because,well, people need to sleep sometimes.
And we met again and again and again. To have a beer, to hang out, to play games, to talk. He’s seen half of the world, but still finds things to be fascinated by everyday and everywhere. He’s met all sorts of the most amazing and interesting people and he still finds brightness in every person he meets. He’s so full of hope even when he’s sad.
I listen to Jeremy and I’m always stunned about all the crazy and cool things he’s done. how he’s come to the point he’s at now. How he never gives up and dreams and works so much to achieve things he seeks and never gets tired. Well, rules of sleep still apply to him. But I can still see Jeremy in his 80’s running around in his skinny jeans inspiring people for greatness.


So about that gratitude and appreciation…
I am so happy we have met and I thank you so much, Jeremy. For talking about strangest and most awesome things with me. For inspiring not only to blog, talk and get things done, but also for widening my horizons. For wingmaning and advices. For best nights out crashing the green out of the blue in this city and for all the times we get to hang out together!


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